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Bill praises Hillary, criticizes media

From NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli
WILLIAMSPORT, PA -- Calling Hillary Clinton "the most unconventional person I have ever seen to be running for president," Bill Clinton yesterday highlighted his wife's advocacy for children as a young woman as an example of her work as a change-maker.

Bill Clinton, still wearing a greenish suit after his visit to a St. Patrick's Day parade earlier, told a crowd of several hundred about Hillary's work after law school for the Children's Defense Fund, saying that part of her efforts led to legislation guaranteeing all children the right to a public school education without regard for disabilities.

"It changed lives for millions and millions of families. And she was doing that when she was a young woman, making changes in other people's lives," he said.

He then referred to the three remaining candidates, saying all were "admirable people," but that if one compared their records as an agent of change "it is not close." But, he added, the coverage of the race hasn't borne it out.

"She's the most unconventional person I have ever seen to be running for president, because she did most of this before she had an elected office," he said. "[But] you never read about any of stuff in the press, do you? Because the intermediaries of the campaign, these kinds of things don't matter to them, because they don't need a president, they need a story. They want a feeling. You gotta decide whether you need a president or not."