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Obama's Indiana ad

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Here's Obama's latest aworking-class appeal...

Here's the script:
OBAMA [with backdrop of factory]: I moved to chicago to help workers, whose lives were torn apart when steel plants like this one left town. For decades, politicians have talked about protecting jobs, but the power of Washington lobbyists stops anything from changing. I'm Barack Obama. I'm the only candidate who doesn't take their money, and they won't run my White HOuse.

We'll fix our trade laws [on screen: "Register to vote by April 7th], end tax breaks for companies who ship jobs overseas and give them to those who create jobs here in America [on screen: IN.BarackObama.com 866-675-2008]. That's why I approve this message.

*** UPDATE *** NBC/NJ's Carrie Dann adds that Obama is also up today with his first ad in North Carolina. *** UPDATE 2 *** Per NBC's Lauren Appelbaum,  The ad, "Enough," originally started airing in Iowa Dec. 21, and it was also used in in Maine, Maryland and Virginia. It is also focused on working class, economic issues.