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Clinton v. Obama on economy

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Obama and Clinton both delivered major addresses on the economy today. After Obama's speech, the Clinton campaign criticized it in an e-mail to the media:

"Presidents have to do more than announce principles," writes Clinton policy director Neera Tanden in the statement. "They have to solve problems. At a time of crisis in our financial markets, Senator Obama announced a series of broad, vague principles, while offering no new concrete solutions to provide Americans with greater confidence in the market or keep them in their homes.  The contrast could not be clearer -- on Monday, Senator Clinton announced a detailed, specific plan to address the housing and credit crisis.  On Tuesday, Senator McCain announced that he had no plan.  And today, Senator Obama offered just words."

Obama spokesman Bill Burton responded this way: "We've all seen that the Clinton campaign never lets the facts get in the way of a good story, but they know full well that Barack Obama has offered thoughtful, detailed proposals to solve the housing crisis, one of which the New York Times just called the best idea from any candidate in the race. Senator Clinton's new proposal this week amounted to calling for a meeting, so it's pretty obvious that her latest kitchen sink attack is nothing more than just politics."