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Power speaks out again

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Samantha Power was at the Columbia University School of Law where she was plugging her book. Here's part of Huffington Post's write up:

"Power labeled herself 'amazed' that Clinton had tried to get so much 'political mileage' from comments Power made, in which she suggested that the next commander-in-chief would consider conditions on the ground when implementing his or her Iraq withdrawal plan.

" 'What I was saying is that you have to take into account what the generals on the ground are telling you,' Power told the room of several hundred undergraduate and graduate students. 'Take for example that 3 am phone call [from Clinton's campaign commercial]... She is not going to answer the phone and play a voicemail she recorded in 2007. That is crazy. She is going to judge the situation in 2009. Of course she is going to take into account what the generals have to say about the Iraq situation and what they are saying on the ground.'"

Here are some other interesting nuggets toward the end of the piece:
"Power called Obama's willingness to meet, without preconditions, world leaders with whom America did not always see eye-to-eye, one of the turning points of the Democratic primary: 'I can tell you about the conference call the day [after Obama made the proclamation],' she recalled. 'People were like, 'Did you need to say that?' And he was like 'yeah, definitely.''"

"She emphasized that, unlike President Bush, Obama would put greater focus on the general welfare of the Iraqi people (looking at population displacements, health conditions, economic insecurities), when considering U.S. policy in that country. She also drew a picture of an Obama administration that was filled with different viewpoints and congenial debate.

"And, to the delight of many in the crowd, she even hinted that she could be part of that hypothetical cabinet. 'Because of the kind of campaign that Senator Obama has run,' Power said, 'it seemed appropriate for someone of my Irish temper to step aside, at least for a while. We will see what happens there.'"