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Tuesday's post-mortem

We're still waiting for 60% of the vote, but Obama is leading 56%-44% in Texas' caucuses, which would give him seven to nine net delegates and give Obama the most delegates from Texas when you include the primary.

Texas and Ohio set turnout records March 4. In Texas, more than 4.1 million voted and about 3.3 million in Ohio went out to the polls. "Results showed that the Clinton-Obama race drew the most voters in both states, with many unaffiliated and Republican voters choosing to vote on the Democratic side. In Ohio, Democratic candidates received more than twice the number of votes that Republicans did, with 2.2 million votes to Republicans' roughly 1.05 million. In Texas, about 2.8 million voters took part in the Democratic primary, compared with about 1.3 million in the GOP contest." 
The Boston Globe's Vennochi: "Uneasy is the Democrat who wears the mantle of inevitability. Barack Obama has delegates and math on his side. But a resilient rival still tugs at his cape, searching for the kryptonite that will derail Superman. Tuesday was a good night for voters who aren't Hillary haters or Obama worshipers. Primary victories in Rhode Island, Ohio, and Texas restored Clinton's dignity and should also remind Obama that even a messiah benefits from humility."

"Obama blamed his losses Tuesday in part on tougher media coverage that he said had resulted from Clinton's complaints of unfair treatment."