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Ohio Dems divided by race, age

From MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell and Adam Verdugo
In Ohio, we are witnessing a transformation for Hillary Clinton, who appears to have won back her base. Democratic voters in Ohio are divided by race and age.

First, race: Among white voters, Clinton is winning women by a large margin -- 66% to Obama's 34%. She is also winning among white men, with 55% to Obama's 44%. Remember, Obama has won white men in past contests. Among black voters in Ohio, Obama is winning both men and women by a large margin, roughly 9-in-10. But black voters only make up 19% of the Democratic electorate in this state.

As for voters by age, Obama is getting two-thirds of young voters (ages 18-29), as well as the majority (54%) of those ages 30 to 44. Hillary Clinton is getting the over-45 group and taking an overwhelming number of the seniors (ages 65+ she gets 7-out-of-10). That is one of the largest margins for Clinton we have seen this entire primary season.

It's also interesting to note that in Ohio, 1-in-5 Democratic voters said race was an important factor in making their decision. In that group, 8-in-10 voted for Hillary Clinton.