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McCain talks foreign policy, again

From NBC/NJ's Adam Aigner-Treworgy
SAN ANTONIO -- After attacking Obama on Iraq early last week and both Obama and Clinton later in the week over relations with Canada, McCain continued his foreign-policy-all-the-time campaign strategy in a brief appearance here this morning.

Speaking to a few hundred supporters at the Mi Terra bakery, McCain took his audience on a sprawling tour of the world's problems, repeatedly reminding them "we are in a dangerous world."

"I'm running for president of the United States because I believe we face a transcendent challenge of radical Islamic extremism, and we face a very dangerous world," he said, using a common line from his stump speech to begin his survey of world affairs. 

He then began almost 10-straight minutes of foreign policy and military talk -- ranging from Israel's conflict with Hamas to the Venezuelan government's assistance of the FARC in Columbia, to the recent Russian elections and of course Iraq. The only detour on McCain's trip around the world was a brief interlude on his favorite domestic issue: ending government waste.

Somehow in the end, McCain tied all of the world's problems into America's involvement in Iraq saying, "So we live in a dangerous world, and I believe that the center of that, obviously now rests in Iraq."

"It's tough and it's long and it's hard," McCain said, referring to the war as he began another tour of the Middle East. "It's tough and long and hard, but what's at stake here my friends is of such enormous consequences, not only in Iraq but also in the region. And while I'm talking about it, my friends, there're tough times in Afghanistan… There's a lot of difficulties, as you know, and challenges in Pakistan today. So we are in a dangerous world."