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The delegate fight

"While Obama's candidacy has often united blacks and whites at the ballot box," the Washington Post reports, "it has driven a wedge through the black political establishment, exposing a rift between a new generation, whose members see their political horizons as limitless, and their predecessors, who have struggled to establish a following outside of heavily African American areas."

"Ohio Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones is pushing back hard against the kind of pressure that has come down on Rep. John Lewis (Ga.) and other black Democratic superdelegates who are being pressed to back Obama's candidacy. 'I say shame on anyone who's engaged in that conduct, to put that kind of pressure on John Lewis,' Tubbs Jones said. 'I'm not trying to be a martyr. I think Senator Clinton is the best candidate. And the beauty of the United States of America is you have the right to have your opinion, and I have the right to my opinion."