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Super delegate update

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Obama picked up three new super delegates today, bringing our Super Delegate tracking total to Clinton 254, Obama 207. Notably, this puts Obama over 1,400 total delegates (Obama 1,401, Clinton 1,291) -- combining supers with the NBC News Hard Count, which stands at Obama 1,194, Clinton 1,037. Obama has picked up 37 superdelegates since Super Tuesday; Clinton has lost a net of six.

NOTE: The Obama campaign sent out a release showing four superdelegate pick ups, but one of those was already on a list provided to us by the campaign prior to Feb. 5, which is why we add in only three as new.

*** UPDATE *** For those wondering who the four are who have publicly said they have committed to Obama, they are Minnesota DFL Chair Brian Melendez, Minnesota DFL Associate Chair Donna Cassutt, North Dakota DNC Member Renee Pfenning and Texas State Rep. Yvonne Davis. Pfenning was previously on our list; her endorsement at that point may have been private.