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Clyburn 'will make clear' his support

From MSNBC's Adam Verdugo
What does Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) think of his longtime friend and colleague Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) switching his support from Sen. Clinton to Sen. Obama? "I've know him for a long time and I know how much he agonized over this because he felt that so much of what he fought for back in the 60s and 70s was beginning to be realized in a way that he did not anticipate, at a much faster rate that both of us had anticipated," Clyburn said. "And so I think that he felt compelled to be a part of that movement."
He continued: "I can recall as a child things my parents told me would come to pass are now coming to pass. And so you always wish for it, and you lay the foundation for it, but the question is 'When will it happen?' I think this has come upon us in a way that was a little bit unexpected at this particular juncture."
As to whether he will follow suit and declare his support publicly: "I will make clear what I am going to do before the convention. Will I do it this week or next? No. Simply because I do believe that as an unpledged delegate I have a very, very important role to play." 
And as the third most powerful member in the House of Representatives and a longtime serving member of the Democratic Party, Clyburn sees utility in remaining neutral. "If it comes to a point where the other unpledged delegates will be looking for some guidance as to what ought to be done," he said. "I'll see if I can help with that as a neutral party much better than as a committed party."