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Clinton speaks to the press

From NBC's Ron Allen and NBC/NJ's Athena Jones
In a press conference aboard the flight from Cleveland to Columbus, Clinton wanted to talk about the campaign's upcoming economic summit meeting in Zanesville -- which will focus "not only on problems, but solutions" in Ohio where the economy is "unbelievably important."

"Inflation is up, prices of everything are going up," she said. "We are sliding into a recession." When asked what's the major difference between herself and Obama on the economy, Clinton replied with "experience," "specifics..." And she then outlined her plan for a moratorium on foreclosures and a freeze on subprime adjustable mortgages.

Regarding last night's debate, Clinton said she "drew some good contrasts" with Obama. "I was really pleased by it. I thought that once again we drew some good contrasts and obviously I was pleased to talk about issues that I, you know, care a lot about and know something about and thought that that came across."

She disagreed with the prize fight analogy about knockout punches -- and whether any were landed -- saying it was a "debate" not a fight. I think that a lot of people who watched it would come away and feel very positive and comfortable about what I said and what I presented as my credentials and my positions on these issues and I think there were some real contrasts that were drawn."

On the perception that the race could soon be over, Clinton noted that many people have yet to vote, and those folks are focusing on the big questions of who's the better commander-in-chief and who would best handle the economy.