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Today... empathy

From NBC's Ron Allen
LORAIN, Ohio -- Hillary Clinton is at a town hall here, listening to an elderly man vent about financial problems; he's either losing or lost his house -- he was hard to understand because of an accent. It was a very odd moment, with Clinton standing just a few feet from him. It was a bit tense because he was so emotional. Clinton accepted an envelope from him and promised to help. She has two residents on stage with her who are facing foreclosures; they told their stories to the crowd.
The only jab at Obama: "Hope is not a plan...," in her opening her remarks.

Today, it was Hillary Clinton full of compassion and empathy for working people facing foreclosure, mountains of school loans, and taxes.

After anger, sarcasm, today it was empathy. At one point she said, "I got a little hot there the other day in Cincinnati...." and says she was really mad, because Obama was sending YOU false, misleading and discredited information.

*** UPDATE *** NBC/NJ's Athena Jones adds... Here's Clinton's full quote:
"This is a big difference in this campaign between me and my opponent. You see, I believe in quality affordable healthcare for everyone, and some of you may have seen. I got a little, uh, a little hot over the weekend down in Cincinnati," she said to cheers and applause. "Because I don't mind having a debate. I don't mind airing our differences, but I really mind it when Sen. Obama's campaign sends you literature in the mail that is false, misleading and has been discredited. That is not the way to run a campaign to pick the Democratic nominee for president."

Ohio and Texas are must-win states for Clinton and recent polls show Obama closing the gap in the former, although Clinton still leads, and show him leading her in Texas. Two other polls give the Illinois senator a double-digit lead nationally.

During the moment when the disabled veteran asked a long, difficult to understand question that seemed to have something to do with losing his home and being a good parent, Clinton held the microphone for him and listened intently as he spoke before accepting a packet of papers from him and saying she would try to help.