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Renzi to step down from McCain camp

From NBC/NJ's Adam Aigner-Treworgy and NBC's Kelly O'Donnell
On his weekly blogger conference call, John McCain said that Rep. Rick Renzi (R) would probably step down as co-chair of his Arizona campaign. McCain was unaware of the Arizona congressman's indictment until asked about it this morning after a town hall in Indianapolis, at which point he said that you always think about the family in these circumstances and he would look into Renzi's role in his campaign.

In other news, the McCain campaign says the fundraising email sent out yesterday that described the New York Times story as a "smear campaign" was its most successful fundraising email to date, but the campaign declined to say how much it raised.  

Senior adviser Steve Schmidt said in response to questions, "There was a lot of outrage across the country on the story and the campaign has raised a lot of money in the last 24 hours."