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Clinton devastated after police death

From NBC's Ron Allen and Kelly O'Donnell
A police motorcycle officer died after a crash escorting Clinton's motorcade in Dallas today. In a statement afterwards, Clinton called the accident is "devastating" news -- she feels "heart-sick" and expressed her condolences to the family and to the Dallas police department. Clinton placed a call to the chief, and she added that this reminds us of what people in law enforcement do everyday. "We respect their service."

VIDEO: A Dallas police officer was killed in a motor accident while escorting Sen. Hillary Clinton to a campaign rally. NBC's Peter Alexander reports.

Clinton looked profoundly upset by what had happened -- a routine police operation she's probably been part of countless times as first lady, senator and now presidential candidate.

It's also worth noting that at least two officers have died in accidents while working in motorcades for President Bush in the last few years. The incidents occurred in Honolulu and Albuquerque.

As of this writing, the Clinton motorcade is rolling slowly down a highway. We're heading to another event. It's such a contrast to the way motorcades usually race through cities and towns....with crowds catching a glimpse of dignitaries. The press bus is silent. I think everyone is just stunned. Such an unexpected tragedy.

*** UPDATE *** Per NBC's Christina Jamison, what was supposed to be a rally in Fort Worth is now being cut short. Senator Clinton will make brief remarks here in Fort Worth -- she spoke with the Dallas police chief on the drive over here, and then she is going to go visit the officer's family while the traveling press is taken to the airport.