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Metaphor alert!

From NBC's John Boxley
Not a great way to start Election Day... The Huckabee press van taking us to airport and then to Little Rock, AR has run out of gas. We are stuck on side road.

Anybody have a AAA card?

*** UPDATE *** From NBC's Ron Allen
You won't believe this, but the press van ran out of gas a second time!! Seems they only put a gallon or so in the empty tank, and that's right, fumes again! The van only had a couple of Huckabee staffers aboard, and some of the press luggage!!

While waiting for a second refill, the van, of course, had no heat. It's in the 20's. Fortunately I wasn't aboard. Through it all the governor and his wife were safely transported to the airport in a car with enough fuel. I would doubt the car service (don't know its name yet) used by the campaign will ever be hired again.

We're about to fly to Little Rock. We've been assured the plane's tanks are full The campaign continues...