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Surviving the campaign trail

From NBC/NJ's Athena Jones

Video: NBC News and National Journal campaign reporter Athena Jones explores what it takes for journalists to survive life on the campaign trail.

Life on the campaign trail isn't easy. When you're hopping from city to city and state to state covering rallies, speeches, retail stops, town halls and roundtables, the days seem endless. (For example, on Jan. 22, those of us covering Clinton flew from Washington, DC to California, to Arizona and back to Washinton. About 6,000 miles in one day for two events. And just the other day, we flew from California to Arizona to New Mexico to Missouri, where we arrived at around 1 am.)

I decided to ask my fellow members of the traveling press corps how they're holding up during this deliriously exhausting but incredibly exciting time. Are they getting any sleep? Are they managing to stay sane and grounded and what tips do they have for fellow travelers and any eager reporters who may want to follow in their footsteps? And what's the best part of covering the fight for the nomination?