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Super Bowl politics

Surrounded by fellow Bostonians and a Coors Light-drinking Rick Santorum, Romney -- who earlier told reporters he had exchanged emails with Tom Brady -- watched the final moments of the Super Bowl yesterday while in Nashville, TN, NBC/NJ's Erin McPike notes. Perhaps channeling his own plight in the presidential race, Romney said with 25 seconds to go, "Anything's possible."

As the game concluded, Romney turned away from the cameras on his face and declared with a slight smile, "One of the worst moments in sports history." He shook his head, chuckled and said, "You can stay here and watch the celebration; I'm not gonna." Santorum said to those around him, "Well, we like upsets; we're looking for upsets."

Clinton, meanwhile, was clearly pleased by the Giants' Super Bowl win Sunday night, NBC/NJ's Athena Jones and NBC's Christina Jamison report. "This is a good omen. Super Bowl, Super Tuesday. They go together," she told the press on the plane before taking off for New York Sunday night, after celebrating the final, crunch-time touchdown at a watch party with supporters in St. Paul. (It's worth noting, however, that Clinton wasn't watching much of the game last night until the end.)

One reporter mentioned that Obama was rooting for the New England Patriots. The senator laughed and said, "I wonder why." (Kennedy reference anyone?) Clinton also dodged questions about her husband and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson watching the Super Bowl together, saying she figured they just critiqued the game.

NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli -- a Giants fan -- also passes along this thought: The Giants will have their ticker tape parade on Tuesday. How many votes will be cast during that?

The New York Daily News: "Now, it's on to the REAL Super Bowl - MMVIII, not XLII."