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Oh-eight (R): McCain vs. Romney

MCCAIN: "As McCain comes off wins in Florida, South Carolina, and New Hampshire, the Arizonan is now where he thought he had begun his campaign years ago: a front-runner poised to become the consensus choice of Republicans. McCain, however, has gotten there less by winning voters over to his policy positions than by investing them in a national cult of personality that has made McCain's greatest political weakness - dissenting with his party on major issues - into a virtue."

AP: "'The first thing we've got to do after Tuesday is unite this party,' [McCain] says repeatedly these days -- as if the 21 states holding caucuses and primaries this week are simply a formality."

Former Sen. Rick "Santorum said he had witnessed problems with McCain's temperament, which he declined to detail. 'I don't know anybody in the Senate who hasn't. Everybody has their McCain story,' he said."

ROMNEY: "Now, as he prepares to make what could be his final stand against John McCain this week, he is still something of a mystery to Republican voters, trying to shake off the http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2008/02/02/turning_the_pages_of_romneys_biography/">character questions raised by his opponents. Last month, Romney ruefully acknowledged that he had let McCain and others define him as a flip-flopper. Romney insists he is nothing like that - that the morally upright, well-spoken man whom voters see is exactly what he is like underneath."