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Bill Clinton discounting Huckabee

From NBC/NJ's Carrie Dann
COLUMBIA, MO -- Just how relevant is one-time frontrunner Mike Huckabee's campaign anymore? Apparently not enough for any love from Hope homeboy Bill Clinton. The former president's assessment of the race for the White House includes four remaining contenders - not five - which means that Clinton's counting out his fellow Arkansan.

"There are four people left running for president," Clinton said during a rally at the University of Missouri tonight. "Two Democrats and two Republicans."

No spot for Huck, who is hoping to stay alive through good showings in states like Missouri and Alabama - where the former president stumped today -  as well as the home state where both launched their political careers.

Clinton went on to note that his wife is  the only of the four candidates " by everyone's admission"  to offer a plan for universal health care.

In the eyes of the Comeback Kid, in other words, it sure  sounds like Huck is Hope-less.