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Clinton talks Super Bowl, Super Tuesday

From NBC/NJ's Athena Jones
ANGELES TO TUCSON, Feb. 2 -- Surprise, surprise. Hillary
Clinton is pulling for the New York team on Super Bowl Sunday -- and on
Super Tuesday.

In regard to the contests, the senator said she was "expecting the New York team to win both." Clinton spoke to the press, squeezed into the aisle of the plane in
a media avail that proved to be a logistical nightmare. Reporters
leaned over seats and stood stradding the aisle straining to hear the
senator speak and to make sense of the barely audible questions being
posed to her.

Otherwise there was no real news. Clinton
repeated her dig on McCain wanting to stay in Iraq -- a criticism she
lodged at a rally this morning at Cal State -- and said again that
voters don't have to take a leap of faith with her and that she's been
very specific about what she plans to do as president.

She also
said Democrats would have a stronger argument in a debate with McCain
if they nominate a candidate whose goal is universal healthcare.