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Obama's word play

From NBC/NJ's Aswini Anburajan
Lately Obama has been pulling from a very colloquial lexicon, riling up his audiences to words like "okie doke," "bamboozle," and "hoodwink."

They're always given in context of what his opponents are trying to do to his record.

"They're trying to bamboozle you. Hoodwink you! That's what they call the okie doke!" and "They're trying to okie doke you," Obama says regularly at events.  

Note the usage of "okie doke" as both a noun and a verb.  

Last night in St. Louis, there was a new word for the crowd and the press corps to learn.

"Don't let 'em hornswoggle you," Obama shouted out.  The acoustics of the stadium left many of us reporting on him scratching our heads. Did he say "Cornswaggler?" "Hornswaggle?"

A little bit of Googling came up with the right answer, and a definition: "to swindle, cheat, hoodwink or hoax."  Popular synonyms include bamboozle, baffle, befuddle, confound, delude, dupe, and my favorite – flimflam. It's antonym is "to be forthright."

And if the Senator could please note, it's a verb not a noun.