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Bill makes yet another dig at Ted

From NBC/NJ's Carrie Dann
TEXARKANA, AR -- At a campaign stop yesterday afternoon in former president Bill Clinton's home state, the consequences of a run-and-gun campaign schedule were evident. The event, held at Arkansas High School here was one part raucous and one part chaos. Over 350 people -- many of them fidgety students eager to catch a glimpse of the president -- crowded into a lunchroom-made-auditorium to hear him stump for his wife. A characteristically late arrival, combined with faulty microphones and rowdy students who anxiously waited him, gave the event a pep rally feel. 

In his remarks, Clinton stuck to his general pitch for his wife's experience and leadership, although he did throw in a quick dig at Obama endorser Ted Kennedy -- the second time he has done so since yesterday. 

After the rally, though, he did surprise students -- and, it appeared, some of his staff -- by moseying around the lot where his motorcade was parked to shake hands with squealing students. Wearing a patented gee-golly smile, Clinton basked in the crush of giddy kids for a few minutes as reporters jockeyed for the rare chance to overhear a snatch of unrehearsed dialogue.