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What Obama said on immigration

From NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli
Obama criticizes Hillary for having different positions on the drivers
license issue. One of Bill Clinton's critiques of the press coverage is
that Obama had a similar hang-up one week later after Hillary's
much-publicized answer during the MSNBC debate in Philadelphia. And in
her response tonight, Hillary hinted at Obama's trouble during another
CNN debate in November.

Here's what Obama said in Las
Vegas. Asked if he'd support giving a drivers license to illegals,
Obama said that as a state senator he voted to require illegal aliens
to get them. He then said he is "not proposing that that's what we do"
now. Wolf Blitzer tried to clarify his response at least twice, and
ended the exchange by saying: "This is the kind of question that is
sort of available for a yes or no answer. Either you support it or you
oppose it."