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Oh-eight (D): Obama's big haul…

CLINTON: It's a kinder, gentler Bill Clinton, according to the New York Times.

OBAMA: Obama's campaign chose to report that it raised more than $1 million a day in the month of January ($32 million this month, to be exact). It's an eye-popping figure and one the Clinton campaign chose not to respond to (they don't have to report their January fundraising until the end of NEXT month). But it's a reminder that Obama's probably got more money for February 5 than Clinton. We don't know for sure yet but look at the ad spending, the staff they've deployed and it appears, resource wise, Obama has a slight advantage.  
Salon does Rezko: "Obama's dealings with his hinky friend have never led him afoul of the law, but they show that, despite his high-minded politics, he was no purer -- or no savvier -- than Illinois' biggest hacks in his weakness for a generous contributor. He wouldn't even say no when Rezko cooked up a deal to help the newly elected senator buy a gracious Georgian-revival home."

For those of us who "grew up Reagan," the imposing figure of Fed Chair Paul Volcker was who we associated interest rates with. Well, Volcker is for Obama and while it's a nice talking point for Obama to say he has Reagan's Fed Chair backing him, remember, Jimmy Carter actually appointed Volcker in '79.

Obama, like McCain, is trying to bring back the war as an issue. The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder gets his hands on a mailer Obama's sending to Connecticut voters hitting Clinton on Iraq.

Both at last night's debate and yesterday in L.A., Obama attempted to bridge the perceived divide between Latinos and blacks. "Obama's L.A. appearance was his only public event Thursday. Clinton held no public events. The candidates met Thursday evening for a debate at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, their first one-on-one debate of the campaign."

"At the technical college, Obama said the nation's ills affected Latinos and African Americans equally and could only be solved by working together. From higher dropout rates to a greater incidence of diabetes and infant mortality, Obama said, the two groups suffer more than any others in the country."

During a town hall in Los Angeles yesterday, NBC's Lauren Appelbaum notes, Obama was asked a question about immigration. He gave his stump speech answer on comprehensive immigration reform: reform border security, fix the legal immigration system, crack down on employers taking advantage of workers, and create a pathway to citizenship for those already here by paying a fine, learning English, and going to the back of the line. 
But Obama then deviated from his typical answer. When telling the crowd immigrants will need to learn English, Obama said he will learn Spanish as well, earning some cheers. "I know most people want to learn English. We need to have more ESL classes available for people to do it but you need to learn English. Of course, I need to learn Spanish. So, we can teach each other."