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Whom will Bill Richardson endorse?

From NBC's Andrea Mitchell and Lauren Appelbaum
With Obama in New Mexico today, there's been speculation that Richardson might endorse Obama. Yet as it turns out, Richardson happnes to be in DC today doing state business, lobbying for an Air Force cyberspace command contract at the Pentagon.

He is NOT expected to endorse today, and his folks are denying the "rumors" that he would be endorsing Obama.

He returns to New Mexico on a 3:30pm flight this afternoon.

And note that Bill Clinton is working him over hard.

At a press conference in New Mexico today, Obama was asked about a possible Richardson endorsement, and Obama said there were no plans of him receiving one from the New Mexico governor. Yet Obama added that he'd love to be pleasantly surprised. *** CORRECTION *** Obama's presser was in LA; he head to New Mexico later today....