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Those celebrities in the audience

From NBC/NJ's Aswini Anburajan
A friend watching the debate at home -- we in the press file can't sometimes see what audiences are seeing on TV -- kindly made a list of all the celebrities in the audience.

You'll find the list below, and NBC/NJ has added who they have donated to....

Diane Keaton... Hasn't given to anyone
Rob Reiner... Edwards, Clinton, Richardson and Dodd... apparently not an Obama fan.
Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw.. Spielberg has maxed out in giving to all the Democratic candiates
Stevie Wonder...No record of him giving either though Obama plays "Signed Sealed Delivered" at every campaign stop.
Bradley Whitford... Looks like Josh from the West Wing is a bipartisan guy. He's maxed out to Biden, Obama and Ron Paul.
possibly Fran Drescher (a Hillary supporter has given her $2,300) and Topher Grace (no record of giving)
Pierce Brosnan... The Brit is staying neutral, hasn't given to anyone
America Ferrera... Ugly Betty campaigns for Clinton but hasn't given her any money.