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To echo Chuck's point on Hollywood

From NBC's Mark Murray
Here's a statement the Republican National Committee just issued: "The Hollywood elites loved the Obama and Clinton show tonight, but average Americans who will most feel the pain of the Democrats' misguided policies will not."

More: "Even while Clinton and Obama both admitted to supporting tax increases on hard-working Americans, they failed to fully account for how they would pay for all their proposals.  Both spoke to retreating from the War on Terror, but failed to admit their records of defunding the troops and weakening our national defense.  Today, Obama was crowned the "most liberal senator," and his out-of-the-mainstream proposals left no question that he deserved the title.  Clinton's failure to explain her changing positions will do nothing to restore trust with the American people.  After watching these two Democrats pander to Hollywood's liberals, I have never been more confident that a Republican will win in November."