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Obama's immigration journey

From NBC/NJ's Aswini Anburajan
Obama is full throttle on immigration these days,
voluntarily bringing up the issue at rallies and town halls and
compared to Iowa fully expressing his views on how he thinks the issue
has been demonized and turned into a "political football."

To get how far he's come on this answer... take a look at what he said South Central LA today: "I
think it's very important that we have an intelligent debate about
immigration that is not tinged with our attitudes of what people should
look like who come here. Cause my attitude is everybody should come here.
My father when he came here, he didn't look like you know - he didn't
look like he stepped off the Mayflower, you know. ... And let me remind
everybody that not everybody who came in through Ellis Island had their
papers in order. I'm just telling the truth now. Not everybody was all -- you know -- all had their stuff together, so we just need to remember