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Romney campaign play of the day

From NBC's Ron Allen
On Romney's plane, the answer to a question that he never fully answered during the recent debate: Romney explained he had at least two big regretts in life. One, never serving in the military; The second, he revealed today, is not having more children. The Romneys have five sons, and now 11 grandchildren. Mrs. Romney was not available to express her feelings about the subject.

And, today, standing with advisor Ron Kaufman by his side, in front of AP reporter Glen Johnson, who in a testy exchange with the governor about lobbyists running his campaign had asked if Kaufman, a known lobbyist was a "potted plant," Romney whipped out an artificial potted plant from behind his back, and said with some glee that he'd choose Kaufman over the green fern-like garden item.

A convoluted moment of humor is how I'd describe it. But frankly, I'm really not sure what just happened. No comment from reporter Johnson, who has tried to avoid discussing the Staples Store encounter over lobbyists "running" Romney's campaign any further.

Taking off for Denver....