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Going forward for Romney

From NBC's Ron Allen
Romney stopped by Greg and Charlene Bennett's home in Long Beach, Calif., to show he's concerned about middle class families. In the Q and A, he said McCain showed his lack of understanding about the economy in the debate in an answer to a question about housing that "included a stream of consciousness which took in the idea of punishing people on Wall Street and a town in Norway."

On the exchange over Iraq last night, "I think he took a big detour on the strait talk express," Romney said.

Does it call into question his credentials to be president? "No I think he's a fine man," Romney said.

On endorsements, Romney basically said, Rudy and Arnold aren't surprising -- they're moderates.

On money and ad buys, Romney says it's seven figures, but he's not going to say where or how much for strategic reasons. "I don't think its possible to flood the airways in all 22 states," he said.

There were no ads up yesterday because they made those decisions this morning after factoring in Rudy dropping out. He's been very cagey about what states he's targeting. We know his wife's in Montana, one son is in Georgia and another is in Alabama. His staff has talked about a strategy that emphasizes the West and, to a lesser extent the South, ending in Massachsetts.

On money, an a aide said Romney's raised more money than anyone else and raised more than he's "loaned" himself. And Romney is still his biggest single donor, but no exact numbers.