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Last night's debate

The Los Angeles Times: "John McCain and Mitt Romney carried their bitter Florida clash into California on Wednesday, each impugning the other's honesty in a hot-tempered debate as they sought to attract voters casting ballots in five days in a coast-to-coast array of primaries and caucuses… The tension between McCain and Romney, the two leading Republican candidates, was heightened because the two sat next to each other, uncomfortable and occasionally glaring, as the insults burst forth."

Doesn't this Washington Post headline basically say that McCain won the debate? Here's the header: "McCain vs. Romney on Iraq."  The fact that the lead of the debate stories are on Iraq and not the economy plays right into McCain's hands.

"Ten Republican candidates met in the same venue nearly nine months ago for their first debate of the campaign and similarly laid claim to the Reagan legacy. Although four remained last night, the debate was dominated by the two front-runners."