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Did Obama win more delegates?

From NBC's Mark Murray and NBC/NJ's Aswini Anburajan
The Obama campaign just held a conference call with reporters asserting that -- due to Obama beating Clinton outside of Clark County (Las Vegas) -- they actually won more pledged Nevada delegates than Clinton did, 13-12.

The math turns out to be a bit confusing, but the shorthand is this: The more populous Clark County, which Clinton won, awarded a even number of delegates, and Clinton and Obama split those down the middle. Meanwhile, the more rural areas, which Obama won, awarded an odd number of delegates, which gave Obama the edge. "We showed real strength statewide," campaign manager David Plouffe said in the call.

But the AP -- as well as NBC News --  had reported that the delegate split being Clinton 13, Obama 12. Who is wrong here? Per the Obama camp, the state party is still gathering results, and they believe the AP has incomplete numbers.

In the Q&A, a reporter asked, so does this mean you won Nevada? Plouffe replied, "We'll leave that up to you guys."

And now NBC News shows a change in delegates from our earlier count: It's Obama 13, Clinton 12.

*** Update *** AP now also shows that Obama won the delegate count.