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Michelle Obama booed over 'Nevada'

From NBC/NJ's Aswini Anburajan
It's not just Brian Williams who's getting in trouble for mispronouncing Nevada. 

Michelle Obama at a town hall in Reno today got booed loudly for saying, Nah-VAH–da rather than the more nasally, neh-VAAD-ah.

We're so happy to be back in Nevada," Michelle began before being drowned out by a loud chorus of "Booos!" from the large crowd.

Catching her mistake she shouted into the microphone, "NEVADA NEVADA NEVADA!!!!"

 "Neh-VAAD-dah!!! Neh-VAAD-ah!" she continued to scream out to loud laughter.

"I've been in South Carolina too long," she joked. 
Before throwing in another, It's nice to be here NEVADA! NEVADA NEVADA NEVADA!!!!"

But she was quick on her feet later on in her speech, when she tied her mispronunciation into her message on economic opportunity. "Trust me whether I can say Nevada right or not I am still  a regular kid. I view myself as a kid who grew up on the sout side of Chicago. I was not supposed to be here," she told the crowd.