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Edwards proclaims he's underdog

From NBC's Kevin Corke
PORTSMOUTH, N.H. -- With his Main Street Express bus on one side and an historic 18th Century church on the other (adorned with two beautiful ice sculptures), Edwards and his wife Elizabeth spoke to more than 150 supporters and dozens of curious onlookers peering out windows and storefronts in Portsmouth. The normally serene New Hampshire morning succumbed to honking horns of support and an abbreviated stump speech.

"We beat the establishment in Iowa," Edwards said. "We were underdogs there, and we fought agaisnt two candidates, who raised between $200 million dollars. We're underdogs here as well!"

It was a quick stop in Portsmouth, with the candidate's remarks lasting less than five minutes. It was also tough for some in the back to hear because there was no megaphone or speaker setup.