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Edwards: not a two-person race

From NBC's Kevin Corke
CONCORD, N.H. -- Edwards packed in an overflow crowd of 415 at a Shriner Hall here and said he's the underdog in the race again. He also encouraged Granite-staters to ignore the national media, who have been proclaiming this a two-person race (ie: Obama-Clinton).

Trends: (1) Edwards is hammering the idea that he's the little guy (the underdog) in the race and is hoping New Hampshire voters, who have a penchant for rejecting Iowa's judgment will vote for him and defy political convention (and the national media); (2) He's spending a lot of energy comparing his ideas to Obama's while being careful to not mention him by name too much; (3) He has also been talking more about domestic environmental and energy policy, international affairs and the struggling economy.

Edwards Quoteables: (1) "We cannot sustain this ad hoc strategy to prevent the spread of nuclear technology."

(2) "We're not the $100 million campaign."

Scene: Edwards (again introduced by his wife Elizabeth, who got tremendous applause) tried to draw distinctions between his policy proposals and his competitors. He took more questions than usual at this stop and touched on a wider range of issues.