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Romney: 'Washington is broken'

From NBC's John Boxley
Derry, N.H. -- Speaking at an "Ask Mitt Anything" town hall meeting here, Romney continued to hammer home the theme of "Washington is broken and that change can only come from an outsider, not an insider like McCain or Clinton.

"Washington is fundamentally broken and incapable of dealing with the challenges we have," Romney said. "We have an extraorinary list of problems; it's almost like a broken down automobile clunker, pushing it into station and saying can you fix it? The problem is we have been pushing it into the same garage year after year after year...."

"Its finally time to have somebody go to Washington who is not a lifelong politician worrying about his career, worrying if his party is going to get edge, worrying whether he can settle a score with other politicians, but rather worrying about one thing, solving the problems and challenges that face America."