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Edwards relishes underdog role

From NBC's Kevin Corke
In a press avail following remarks in Nashua today, Senator John Edwards expressed optimism that his populist message of change would resonate with Granite State voters.

"The people of New Hampshire want real change- and they want someone who hasn't taken a dime of special interest money to bring them that change and to fight for them."  As expected, he took swipes at big oil, insurance and lobbyists for keeping America from having universal health care and fostering an environment that chooses profits over people.

Welcome to the campaing trail- where after a while you've heard the stump speech so often that you know every line, every pause and the precise moment when the candidate will begin to build toward the big finish!

This time, Senator Edwards thrilled a packed ballroom at the locally popular Nashua 'Castle,' a Radisson Hotel fashioned in brick, stone and wood to look like something out of Excalibur.

The Senator repeated his New Hampshire themes, 'This is not an auction, it's an election,' and 'Change begins with you.'

Over 200 people crammed into the room which was almost humid it was so crowded- quite the contrast considering the crisp below freezing temperatures outside. Hey- its winter in New England!

As has been the case of late, members of a number of unions filled most of the  crowd- though there were also many college students from as close as UNH and Harvard and as far away as George Mason in Virginia.

Again, Elizabeth introduced her husband, comparing his mission to overcome the odds (and the Obama and Clinton machines) to that of Seabiscuit the unlikely champion race horse who came to represent the hope of millions of Americans in 1938 and beyond.

We're off to Portsmouth again for another event.  Later, the Senator will talk to Olbermann.