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From NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli
MANCHESTER, NH -- It wasn't quite the breakfast of champions. But it'll have to do.

After enduring a battery of television interviews this morning, Huckabee made a beeline for the buffet breakfast at the Homewood Suites hotel near the Manchester airport. Balancing the excitement of a resounding caucus win with the fact he hadn't slept at all, Huckabee seemed bewildered by the idea that someone would want to film him dishing some eggs and bacon. 

"Never had such an exciting breakfast in my life," he joked to the cameras.

With a full plate, Huckabee then retreated to his hotel room, presumably to eat and then catch up on sleep before an afternoon rally in Henniker today. 

Most of the interviews Huckabee had with network and cable morning shows seemed to include a question or two about his support among evangelicals, and whether it would translate in New Hampshire. Chatting with strategist Ed Rollins after one hit, he made note of the fact that the Democratic race seemed to be getting more coverage, and that his victory was being explained away as a religious thing.

So when possible, Huckabee tried to highlight the fact that his campaign was not a "one state wonder." He cited polling in states like Delaware and Florida that have him in first place, and claimed his message of overhauling the tax system was connecting in New Hampshire. "We're surprising in states where I shouldn't be polling that well," he said on "Morning Joe." "You can't just say that that's just this group of evangelicals. But frankly, even if it were, and I could win the election, I could live with that."