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More on that negative Huck ad

From NBC's Mark Murray
As it turns out, that infamous negative Huckabee TV ad that the former Arkansas governor said he was pulling -- yet showed to the media anyway -- actually ran in a few places. Per a release from the Huckabee campaign.

"The Governor made it clear at the press conference on Monday that his decision to pull the ad was made after his media consultant sent it to stations statewide," campaign manager Chip Saltsman said in the release. "He ordered the campaign to pull the ad before the press conference and the campaign gave their best effort by alerting every broadcast station and cable system in the state. It was New Year's Eve and we knew that a few stations might not be able to make the change prior to the January 1st holiday."

More from Saltsman: "We were informed yesterday that unfortunately a few network affiliates played the ad. We contacted them immediately and they admitted to our buyer that they mistakenly aired the ad, and they pulled it."