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Campaigning… a laughing matter?

From NBC's Andy Merten and Abby Livingston
Something that's been missing from the political landscape since the writer's strike have been laughs. The candidates have tried to fill the void, not always successfully. Comedy on the campaign trail can be a double-edged sword. Sometimes a quick quip can endear a candidate to hundreds, but sometimes candidates' attempts at funny solicit more eye-rolling than knee-slapping.

Just last night, Clinton went on Letterman and said that for eight weeks, Dave's been off the air; "Oh well, all good things come to an end," she panned. Since they've hit the trail nearly a year ago, candidates' jokes have run the gamut: from the good, the bad, to the just plain ugly. On the stump, during debates, and even in paid television ads, candidates have used humor to woe early state voters -- and often faltered.

Clinton has joked about "evil men" and knowing something about that; Romney dropped a line from his repertoire about a hotel worker seeing his wife in a towel; and Obama has also joked about his marriage and doing laundry.

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