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Packed in one Ames precinct

NBC Freelance Producer Mike Sulzberger reports he is caucusing at the City Hall in Ames, Iowa  (corner of 5th and Grand) and anecdotely says that the place is packed. It is a Democratic caucus site. This is his first caucus, but his neighbor has caucused at this location before and says there are a great deal more people there in comparison to the 2004 turnout.  Much like at location that where David Gregory is, people were lined up outside the door way past the official start time of the caucus. 

He adds: 400 exactly here. Need to have 60 to be viable. Rough look says Dodd, Biden, won't be viable. Kucinich probably won't. Richardson and Edwards have no clear line between them, but Richardson looks viable. Looks like Obama has most here, Edwards a close second, but again, tough to tell where Richardson and Edwards divide. Biggest surprise here looks like Hillary. Not a large group for her -- guessing less than 20%.