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Edwards thanks eastern IA supporters

From NBC/NJ's Tricia Miller
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA -- On caucus Day, Edwards' priorities were in eastern Iowa. He and his wife Elizabeth stopped first at The Mill restaurant in Iowa City to greet supporters and then headed north to his Cedar Rapids field office. Edwards also stopped in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids yesterday toward the end of his 36-hour Marathon for the Middle Class.

With less than four hours remaining to the caucus, Edwards told supporters who were making calls in the Cedar Rapids office that he is counting on them. "We've got a few more hours, and then we gotta get your people to the caucuses," he said. "In the caucuses themselves, are we gonna be strong? There you go. And reach out to any of those caucus-goers whose candidates are not viable and make sure they end up in the Edwards camp. All the information indicates they're very attracted to us, so go get 'em. That's where we're counting on you guys, the precinct captains, to be our advocates."

For her part, Elizabeth Edwards urged them to arrive early, crediting the idea to Iowa First Lady Mari Culver, who traveled with the Edwardses today. "I know traditionally it's get there by 6:30, but you know, if it's bigger crowds or if you all want to organize your people or if you want to start working on those people who might not have viable candidates, it's OK to ask your people to get there a little bit early so you can really be organized," she said. "That'll also allow you to identify anybody that you thought was gonna be there who might not be there."

After she spoke and Edwards complimented her, a man in the crowd asked Elizabeth Edwards whether she has a sister. "Uh-oh, that's a bad question," John Edwards replied, laughing.

"Actually, I do," Elizabeth said. "Would you like her number?"

The Edwardses rode in the Main Street Express again today after it had electrical problems at the beginning of the marathon campaign swing two days ago. From Cedar Rapids they were bound for Des Moines. The Edwards caucus party starts at 8:00 pm ET at the Renaissance Savery in downtown Des Moines, and Edwards will be en route to New Hampshire after midnight tonight.