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Romney at first site

From NBC/NJ's Erin McPike
WAUKEEE, Iowa -- Romney was swarmed by photogs at the first caucus site and had a hard time making it through the crowd. He signed pictures and took photos with supporters, and Utah Sen. Bob Bennett stays behind to do his bidding.

A quartet of seniors stood at the door as he entered. Two of those said they were voting for Huckabee. Asked if he knew that Romney was about to show up there, one man said, "Well, I thank him for coming, but I'm voting for Huckabee."

A man from a different group of voters said he was voting for Thompson because he doesn't want the job and the people pushed him to run, suggesting that Thompson's strategy did work for some.

Romney exited from a different entrance than he came in, and his traveling press secretary was spotted hustling back into the school as the press was leaving, presumably to run to the correct area where Romney's transportation was waiting.

Although Romney's been known to change clothes mid-day before, he was wearing the same dark blue suit and bright blue tie he was wearing this morning. As he eased his way out of the crowd to leave, he shouted, "Now get out there and vote!"