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Poll: Clinton, McCain lead in NH

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
With exactly a week to go until New Hampshire, McCain has pulled ahead of Romney and Clinton has opened back up a double-digit lead in New Hampshire, according to a 7News/Suffolk University poll.

McCain gained 12 points since a month ago in the same survey to vault ahead of Romney 31%-25%. Romney had led in the December Suffolk poll 31%-19% over McCain. Giuliani is third with 14%, a three-point drop from 17%.

A month ago, Clinton led Obama by 7 points (33%-26%), but now the poll shows her with a whopping 36%-22% lead. Apparently, Clinton has peeled away some of those undecideds from a month ago as that number dropped from 19% to just 12% this month. Edwards comes in third with 14%. (He had 15% in December.)

The Republican numbers: McCain 31%, Romney 25%, Giuliani 14%, Huckabee 9%.

The Democratic numbers: Clinton 36%, Obama 22%, Edwards 14%.

The poll was conducted from Dec. 27 to Dec. 31 and has a margin of error for each party subsample of 300 respondents of +/- 5.65%.

Several other polls have shown a closing between McCain and Romney as well as Clinton and Obama in the Granite State.

"This poll kicks off a series of daily New Hampshire tracking polls to be conducted by 7NEWS/Suffolk University," according to a release made available to NBC News. "Each poll will consider 250 likely Democratic and Republican primary voters statewide each day.  A two-day rolling average of 500 Democrats and 500 Republicans will be reported every morning at 6:30 a.m. on '7NEWS Today in New England.'"