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A positive Huck

From NBC/NJ's Adam Aigner-Treworgy
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa -- After a crazy New Year's Eve filled with demonstrations and pulled advertisements, Huckabee started 2008 on the campaign trail again with his first plane trip across Iowa with the press in tow. This morning he spoke at a Pizza Ranch on the western edge of the state before flying here for some Razorbacks football and an afternoon rally.

This morning Huckabee stuck to his pledge from yesterday's news conference and avoided any negative attacks on Romney. He referred to the attacks made against him, but used them as an example of how he does not want to run his campaign. In the places where earlier in the week Huckabee might have swung back at Romney, he talked about a plethora of issues, including social security, infrastructure repair and the economy.

Any negative coverage of yesterday's events didn't seem to affect Huckabee's crowds. The Pizza Ranch was filled with upwards of 150 people in a room more than double the size of the one that Huckabee visited on his last trip to the Pizza Ranch in Sergeant Bluff.

In trying to convince his supporters to pull all the stops in getting out the vote on Thursday, Huckabee's light-hearted pleas for suppressing his votes for his opponents went a little farther than usual.

"People wonder, do I believe in the resurrection?" Huckabee said. "Of course I do. Dead people vote in every election we have in Arkansas. Resurrection is real to us. You don't even have to go to church to believe it. Just go to the polls and all of these people are dead. You think I am kidding?"