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McCain's terror hit on Romney

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
McCain turns the negativity way up against Romney in a new 30-second terror-image laden Web video. The 30-second video begins with images of terrorism from around the world -- car bombings, sirens, a body being dragged through the streets, masked men with guns pointed skyward. All over ominous piano music as it then dissolves into an image of Romney speaking.

"Mitt Romney says the next president doesn't need foreign policy experience," an announcer says, before an audible yet distance boom. "John McCain for president," the announcer continues, before McCain gives his approval over his photo on screen.

This video, called "Experience," is no soft negative; it is harsh and almost reminiscent of the "Daisy" ad, though not nearly as dramatic.


*** UPDATE *** The Romney campaign responds: "Governor Romney has earned the support of grassroots Republicans across the country because he is the candidate offering the most promising vision for our nation's future.  He is bringing together national security conservatives who agree that if we are to confront the threat posed by radical Jihadists around the globe, we need a stronger military and an aggressive plan to destroy the roots of terrorism. Governor Romney's strength of purpose on national security and foreign policy is one built on the belief that America's future requires that we lead the world in defending the principles of liberty and freedom."