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More on the Romney ad

From NBC/NJ's Erin McPike
Romney launched his final pre-caucus ad in Iowa this morning that reminds voters of his "turn around" message -- and his family.
"Everywhere my family and I go we hear that America's challenges are simply too big for Washington politicians," he begins.
He goes on to tick off the laundry list of accomplishments on his resume, including his success in turning things around in business, the Olympics and as governor of Massachusetts. And he ends, "It's time to turn around Washington."
Noting the positive message the ad carries, spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said that the contrast in the dynamic will be interesting to watch today given Huckabee's proposed counterattacks for today.
Still, the Romney campaign blasted out another "THOSE WHO KNOW HIM BEST" release on Huckabee, hitting him for having a reputation of granting clemencies as governor and charging that the more he granted, "the more applications poured in."