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Obama camp releases 3rd ad in two days

From NBC/NJ's Aswini Anburajan
campaign is releasing another television advertisement in Iowa today, its second Iowa ad in the  and its third overall TV ad over the last two days.

The ad -- entitled "Hope" -- tries to convey the message that Obama has based his candidacy on: that he is the only candidate who can "bring a fractured people together," quoting an editorial from the Sioux City Journal.

The ad goes on to say that Obama can take on the special interests and "reset the nation's foreign policy and global reputation." 

It's the second Iowa ad that uses the local newspaper endorsements Obama has received from the Sioux City Journal, the Iowa City Press-Citizen and the Ottumwa Courier. Obama's campaign has prided itself on providing local papers with access to the senator. The ad concludes "Iowa's newspapers have spoken. Now you can stand for change."