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Mitt ad hits McCain on immigration

From NBC/NJ's Erin McPike
The Romney campaign is pulling out all the stops on McCain in New Hampshire now and not being bashful in promoting its negative ads just more than a week away from the Granite State primary.

There's yet another new spot out there this morning that takes McCain to task on illegal immigration. Despite McCain's attempts to change course on the issue, acknowledging that the American people spoke by coming out in force against the comprehensive immigration legislation that he co-sponsored, the first thing the ad reminds voters is: "McCain championed a bill to let every illegal immigrant stay in America permanently."


Just before issuing the ad, the camp blasted out a release about McCain in which spokesman Kevin Madden stated: "Senator McCain has a troubling history of neglecting substantive issues and getting personal in his attacks against those who happen to disagree with him. It's the McCain way."

Despite the volley with the McCain campaign, team Huckabee is coming out against Romney in force in Iowa. A Huckabee supporter has been trailing the campaign at a couple of events in the Hawkeye State over the last couple of days and has been approaching the press. Today in the Midtown Cafe in Newton - at Romney's second event -- he identified himself not as a staffer but as a supporter and notified reporters that several members of the Arkansas legislature were holding an informal session with reporters after the event to debunk some of Romney's claims about the former Arkansas governor.