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Oh-eight (D): More on that 527

CLINTON: "Farmer Garry Klicker and some other family-farm advocates say Democrat Hillary Clinton's choice of a leader of her rural campaign committee casts doubt on her credibility on small-farm issues," the Des Moines Register writes. "Clinton picked the owner of a large-scale livestock operation who has promoted national corporate agriculture interests to be co-chairwoman of "Rural Americans for Hillary."

EDWARDS: The Obama folks seem a bit exasperated by the 527 help Edwards is receiving, particularly Alliance for a New America, which is run by his former campaign manager. As the Washington Post reports, one of the Alliance for a New America donors is a trust for a 97-year-old woman, which gave the group almost $500,000. The trust is run by attorney, Alexander Forger, who himself is a maxed out contributor to Edwards.

Edwards has an op-ed in the Boston Globe, entitled, "Rallying the middle class." In it, he lays out his four-step plan to help the middle class, the basis for closing argument speech delivered yesterday.

KUCINICH: A California book publisher, which published Kucinich's autobiography, isn't happy with the Ohio congressman. "That's because the Democratic presidential candidate has barely mentioned the book," the Washington Post writes. "In fact, he never signed a contract with his publisher. And that has left executives at the small Beverly Hills company frustrated and upset. 'I've been exceptionally disappointed in the man,' says Michael Viner, chief executive of Phoenix Books. After printing 20,000 copies and spending more than $100,000 on promotion, he says, he has seen the book sell 500 copies in two months. 'It's like we made a campaign contribution,' Viner says. 'He left us holding a very large bag.'"

OBAMA: Profiling Obama, the New York Times notes the "fine line" he has had to walk "as a biracial American whose political ambitions require that he appeal to whites while still satisfying the hopes and expectations of blacks."

The Washington Post's Kurtz is upping the amount of TV ad checks he's doing, and he hits Obama for misrepresenting viewers on his latest health-care ad.